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JCC Build currently has opportunities for new members to join their motivated team.
If interested in any of the roles, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Could YOU be the next member of JCC Build?

Our Tradesman
Our Tradesman


JCC Build offers a great work environment that encourages individuals to thrive. With a wide range of work, there is plenty of variation from day to day.
We are a company that is always wanting to be innovative in the service we provide, and look to our team to contribute to this.
Excellence is the level of quality we strive to deliver both in service and construction, our tradesmen maintain this daily onsite through the work they produce.
Our tradesmen go about their roles with integrity so the work they complete isn't compromised and they can be trusted by our clients.

Our Tradesman
Our Tradesman


BCITO have launched a new video to showcase the wide-ranging work that apprentices and carpenters undertake in our sector.

The video demonstrates:
  • what the industry is about
  • the positive aspects of working in the industry, e.g. technology, travel, pay, lifestyle
  • possible career paths
  • what a typical apprenticeship looks like

Our Workers


At JCC Build you will gain a wide range of skills and knowledge as you work through your apprenticeship, whilst being part of a team that is passionate about building. The team environment makes going to work each day enjoyable and the projects completed make it rewarding. We not only want to see each of our apprentices become qualified, we want to see them become great builders who will thrive as competent tradesmen.

JCC Build have partnered with BCITO with a training program for all of our apprentices 

Our Apprenticeships
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JCC Build Training Program
JCC Build Training Program
JCC Build Training Program
JCC Build Training Program
JCC Build Training Program
JCC Build Training Program

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