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JCC Build, your Licenced Building Company in Hamilton & Waikato, NZ

Are you considering building a new home or renovating your existing home? JCC Build is a family-owned, licenced building company, established in 2016 to provide renovations, extensions, maintenance and new builds built with Innovation, Excellence and Integrity, in Hamilton and the wider Waikato region.

  • Innovation: We approach your build with innovative solutions that solve practical needs in your home whilst making sure they are aesthetically pleasing
  • Excellence: Your home is often your greatest asset, and your project is your pride and joy. Our priority is to ensure that the quality and workmanship of each building project is completed to an excellent standard.
  • Integrity: When you place your home in our hands, you can trust that we’ll deliver a build that exudes quality, with staff, products, and services.   

JCC Build is set apart in the building industry by the fact that we not only have a high-quality standard to which we complete our building projects, but we pay careful attention to detail and focus on clear communication during the building process. We have made it our purpose to be your first choice of home builder in Hamilton or Waikato, so get the best house and land package in Hamilton and keep in touch with a member of the JCC Build team today!

Renovations and New Builds - Your Preferred House Builders in Hamilton & Waikato, NZ.

As award-winning house builders in Hamilton and Waikato, NZ, we provide a full range of services, with a particular focus on renovations and new builds:

Renovations - We have developed systems to allow flexibility during your build, enabling us to work closely with you to achieve your vision. This includes understanding your budget and customising the work accordingly.

New builds – Our new builds can be anything from standard homes where cost control is important, to large family homes, to architecturally designed houses that stand out and have unique and innovative features.  Partner with us and enjoy the confidence that comes with working alongside the experienced and creative JCC Build team. 

Begin Your New Build Process With JCC Build in Hamilton or the Surrounding Waikato Areas.

At JCC Build, we tailor our building services to meet our customer's needs, so we can build your new home the way you envision it. You can provide your own architectural plans or work with one of our preferred designers. Our experienced team will work with you to ensure each aspect of the build is conscientious of your budget and maximises your home’s functionality. Building a new home? Consider our new home concept plans.

Our Te Papa o Rotu (Te Oneparepare) Marae Project

JCC Build is working with the Te Papa o Rotu hapū to undertake much needed maintenance work of the main wharenui (ancestral meeting house).

The wharenui is the centerpiece and most sacred building on the marae. A place of great spiritual significance for the whanau who see the building as a living part of who they are as a people.

We were privileged to be welcomed onto the marae to start the project with a karanga, and whakamoe whare, a special ceremony which was moving as they put the wharenui to sleep so work could commence.

As the cladding was removed from the building the whānau were moved by the fact that their ancestors had built the structure, giving honour and acknowledging them.

The wharenui will be given new life with new exterior cladding, new roof, rewire, insulation, painting and new windows, including a new front door with duplication of the original waitohu.


Milton Ngaruhe Chair of the marae said

 “I can say that we are very happy with the "no surprises" approach where we've been consulted at every step. We are pleased with the care and respect being shown by the JCC team”.

ancestral meeting house
meeting house front door
meeting house window

FAQs About Building A New Home

What are the typical time frames involved at each stage of building a house?

The preliminary stage is around six months, including design and building consent. Depending on the size of the project,  the carpentry process can often take between four and six months.

How will I know how much it will cost to build my house?

Once you have plans, we can estimate a price for your build, providing insight into the overall cost. 

How does the process get started, and do I need to know anything about it?

Getting started is as easy as contacting the team at JCC Build. So, schedule a free consultation to discuss your project today!

white washed new home

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