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Te Papa o Rotu Marae

Our Te Papa o Rotu (Te Oneparepare) Marae Project

JCC Build is working with the Te Papa o Rotu hapū to undertake much needed maintenance work of the main wharenui (ancestral meeting house).

The wharenui is the centerpiece and most sacred building on the marae. A place of great spiritual significance for the whanau who see the building as a living part of who they are as a people.

We were privileged to be welcomed onto the marae to start the project with a karanga, and whakamoe whare, a special ceremony which was moving as they put the wharenui to sleep so work could commence.

As the cladding was removed from the building the whānau were moved by the fact that their ancestors had built the structure, giving honour and acknowledging them.

The wharenui will be given new life with new exterior cladding, new roof, rewire, insulation, painting and new windows, including a new front door with duplication of the original waitohu.


Milton Ngaruhe Chair of the marae said

 “I can say that we are very happy with the "no surprises" approach where we've been consulted at every step. We are pleased with the care and respect being shown by the JCC team”.


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