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Are you planning a renovation project in your home? Whether you want to modernise your house, transform the appearance, or make your home more suitable for the way you live, renovating is an excellent choice. It is more cost-effective than buying new, plus you don’t have to move. It’s no surprise that home renovations are popular in Hamilton and Waikato.

Home renovation projects don’t run smoothly by accident, however. Instead, they need proper planning as well as a building company with renovation experience and who is committed to quality workmanship, professionalism, and reliability.

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You’ll get all the above and more when you choose us at JCC Build. We are experienced renovation builders in Hamilton and Waikato. That experience includes:

  • Whole house renovations – this includes modernisation projects, recladding projects, and projects where the main focus is on improving the appearance of the property.
  • Extension building – if you need more space, we’ll help you plan the project and will complete the building work.
  • Alterations – does the layout of your house no longer suit the way you live? We can alter the layout according to your requirements.
  • Conversions – convert your garage, roof space, or basement into a space that is more usable.
  • Kitchen renovations – see below.
  • Bathroom renovations – see below.

If you need any of the above home renovation services, and you are in the Hamilton or Waikato areas, please get in touch with us today by calling 027 522 1115.

Bathroom Renovations in Hamilton & Waikato

Create a bathroom that you will love not only spending time in, but also showing off to your friends and family. We can help you design your new bathroom or can work from the designs you already have.

We offer a full bathroom renovation service too, including removing old units and fixtures as well as all electrical, plumbing, and carpentry work.

Please contact us today if you are looking for a builder with experience in bathroom renovations in Hamilton or Waikato.

Kitchen Renovations in Hamilton & Waikato

Kitchen renovations are another of the main services that we offer in Hamilton and Waikato. Our experience includes everything from traditional kitchens, kitchens in small flats, contemporary kitchens, and high-end kitchen designs that incorporate the latest technologies and building materials.

All the above means we can help with your kitchen renovation needs, whatever they are. You can expect the highest standards of service, with every unit, appliance, countertop, and fitting expertly installed according to all best-practice standards in the industry.

Give us a call today to discuss your plans to install a new kitchen.

We Are the Renovation Builders in Hamilton & Waikato You Are Looking For

From the quality of our customer service to the high standards of workmanship we strive for on every project we work on, we are the renovation builders you are looking for.

Plus, when you come to us at JCC Build, you’ll get a competitive and fully transparent price.

To get a quote or an estimate for your project, please call us on 027 522 1115.

* Talk to us about our competitive concept design services.

“Just like to mention that when you have people coming into your home, doing work,
it’s very important how they treat your property.
Every tradesman without fail, took their footwear off at the door and cleaned up after themselves.
You’re lucky to have such a disciplined crew.”


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