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Why Building A House Is Better Than Buying One

House Building

If you are ready to own your first home, you basically have two options available to you: buy or build. While there are many different factors to consider, there are an overwhelming number of reasons why building a new home may be the superior choice! 

Let’s take a look at why building a new home could have advantages that outweigh the choice of buying an existing home.

Control Over Location

When looking to buy a home, you may find the perfect home but in the wrong area or a home in the right area that doesn’t meet your needs. When you have a home built, you can choose where you buy the plot and then design a home that meets your needs.


One of the key reasons why so many people would love to build a home of their own is the personalisation aspect. Every feature and room of your new home can be totally customised to fit your design preferences and sense of style. Living in a home that is appealing and attractive to you can really enhance your living experience.

No Competition

Once you have bought the plot, you won’t have to deal with any other potential buyers as you would if you were buying a home off the market. You can have the peace of mind that no one is going to come in and swoop your dream home.

Less Maintenance

Because everything will be brand new, your home will require a lot less maintenance and ‘touch-ups’ than a ‘second-hand’ home would. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting, with everything in working order.

Build With Safety And Sustainability In Mind

Older homes have often been finished with toxic paints and unsustainable materials. When building your new home with the right materials, you can ensure that it will be safe for future generations to enjoy.

Have Your Family’s Needs Met

When building a new home, you can tailor-make it to your family’s specific needs, no matter what they are. You have total control and freedom!

Are you looking at building a house in Hamilton and the Waikato region? It’s imperative that you have the right team of building professionals on your side to ensure that the home of your dreams becomes a reality. Get in touch with the expert team of builders at JCC Build today and we can begin discussing your building needs.


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