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Home Builder’s Tips For Adding Your Personality Into Your New Build

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When it comes to building a new house, you really want it to feel like home. Injecting your and your family’s personality into your new home is one way to put your stamp on it and make it feel cosy and inviting. While no one wants their home to be too generic, you also want to keep in mind the resale value of your home and not put off too many potential buyers.

As professional new home builders in Hamilton, we have helped dozens of homeowners plan, create and build their new homes. Here are our tips for injecting some personality.

Architectural Style

Choosing an architectural style that resonates with you and appeals to you is a surefire way to put some of your personality on display and keep you happy in your new home.

Think About Your Family’s Specific Needs

Thinking about what your family needs out of a home will ensure that your home is practical and personality will follow!

Curb Appeal

What do you want to be greeted by each day when you come home? What is the first thing you want your guests to see? Curb appeal is definitely something you should think about.

Use A Mood Board To Discover Your Style

If you are battling to determine your specific style and what you look for in a home, try creating a mood board on an app like Pinterest and start putting together some ideas of things that appeal to you.

Incorporate Vintage Pieces With Meaning

If you have any older pieces with meaning, such as a fireplace, air vents, door handles, etc., that you may have from your old house or have been given to you by family members, speak to your builders about incorporating them into your new home design.


Wallpaper is a fun and exciting way to express your personal style without making any major changes to the structure of your home. Wallpaper also allows you to experiment with styles without too much commitment.

Take Your Time Decorating

Decorating and furnishing your new home is really what will give the home its character and personality. Take your time with this part of the process.

Are you looking for a home builder that you can trust in Hamilton? Here at JCC Build, we specialise in new builds, alterations and renovations. Please feel free to get in touch with us today and we can begin discussing your next project!


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